Friday, June 4, 2010

Creativity and Leadership - CPSI Presentation

As the newest member of the faculty, one thing that attracted me to the Center and Buffalo State was what I saw as the "natural fit" between creativity and leadership; I believe that everyone is a leader (leadership is primarily learned), which matches the belief that everyone is creative put forward by Creative Studies. Both leadership and creativity are innate to each person, and it's simply a matter of finding out where each individual's "best expression" lies; recognizing our creative and leadership strengths and weaknesses.

In my upcoming CPSI Presentation (6/22 - part of "New Thinking/New Thinkers") I'll be discussing some important links between the two fields, ties that bind them together implicitly and explicitly. For example, leadership is often about influence and building vision, skills that can be dramatically enhanced through creative thinking theory and practice, by developing skills in facilitation, and through creative problem solving.

~ Jeffrey Zacko-Smith


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